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women? is it going to be romney cutting taxes and that's his road to creating jobs or is it going to be the extremist remarks and she's saying, wait a minute. i may not be super pro choice, but i'm also, i don't want men telling mehat to do with my body. >> i think women do weigh these issues seriously. chick issues are bread and butter as are the freedom for them to choose for themselves on their own health. women think of it in broad ways. they wonder why it's difficult for a woman should say that they be paid for the same job. a woman understands that in order to control how often she goes into work, how she's able to, what types of jobs she's able to get, she needs to space her children. she doesn't understand -- >>d let's talk about governor romney's record. i know everyone wants to seize on the binders. excuse me. i want to f get to my comment. we are going to talk about this later, governor romney said, hey, i'm looking around. i have a stack full of resumes from men. give me a binder full of resumes. i like th. >> but here is my -- >> 42% he appointed of his people in his
of people in this country. i think another piece that gloria stein ham noted that the pay tax -- women get equal pay in the workplace that we close that wage gap consistently 77% would be automatic economic stimulus. more than three quarters voters support that. mitt romney has refused to take position on it. he hasn't even said no. >> ground game. everybody -- no matter how great campaign you ran if you don't get your supporters to the mols you don't win. you have been in ohio working alongside the romney get out to vote effort. how is it going? >> we've been about 25 different states over the past year. i will say, bonnie, i haven't seen the conservative base whether you call that tea party, whether you call it regular, more energized than i've seen in this election cycle. that certainly been true in ohio. on friday of this week there were over 20% people who were showing up for romney event, my understanding was the president's event that morning in ohio drew about 3,000. that is a huge difference. ground game comes out of those things, those people come to rallies, they go out do door
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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